N. 35, Winter 2017





Table of Contents

Special issue on:

Citizen, Territory and Technologies: Smart Learning Contexts and Practices





by Óscar Mealha, Monica Divitini, Matthias Rehm
pp. 5 - 6, download



Masami Isoda, Roberto Araya, Colleen Eddy, Gabriel Matney, Joseph Williams, Patricio Calfucura,  Carlos Aguirre, Pablo Becerra, Raúl Gormaz, Jorge Soto-Andrade,  Takeshi Noine,, Arturo Mena-Lorca, Raimundo Olfos, Yuriko Baldin, Uldarico Malaspina
Teaching Energy Efficiency: A Cross-Border Public Class and Lesson Study in STEM, pp. 7 - 31,



Eka Jeladze, Kai Pata, James Sunney Quaicoe
Factors Determining Digital Learning Ecosystem Smartness in Schools, pp. 32 - 55



Lara Sardinha, Ana Margarida Pisco Almeida, Neuza Pedro
Bridging approaches: Classroom Physical Space as a learning ecosystem, pp. 56 - 74,



Bianca Clavio Christensen, Kasper Rodil, Matthias Rehm
Transitioning Towards a Smart Learning Ecosystem: Designing for Intersubjective Interactions between Cognitively Impaired Adolescents, pp. 75 - 99,



Francesco Gianni and Monica Divitini
Designing IoT Applications for Smart Cities: extending the Tiles Ideation Toolkit, pp. 100 - 116,



Lúcia Pombo, Margarida Morais Marques, Margarida Lucas, Vânia Carlos, Maria João Loureiro, Cecília Guerra
Moving learning into a smart urban park: students' perceptions of the Augmented Reality EduPARK mobile game, pp. 117 - 134,




Focus Section on

'Pervasive Participation – New Horizons for Citizen Involvement and User Experience'




by Sarah-Kristin Thiel, Peter Fröhlich, Matthias Baldauf, and Glenda Amayo Caldwell 
pp. 135 - 140, download



Oswald Devisch, Katharina Gugerell, Jeremiah Diephuis, Teodora Constantinescu, Cristina Ampatzidou, Martina Jauschneg
Mini is beautiful, pp. 141 - 157,



Sarah-Kristin Thiel, Titiana Petra Ertiö, Matthias Baldauf 
Why so serious? The Role of Gamification on Motivation and Engagement in e-Participation, pp. 158 - 181,



Alenka Poplin, Linda Shenk, Ulrike Passe
Transforming Pervasive into Collaborative: Engaging Youth as Leaders with GIS through a Framework that Integrates Technologies, Storytelling, and Action, pp. 182 - 204,



Sarah Hausmann, Christine Keller, Thomas Schlegel
Lessons Learned on the Design of Several Tools for Participation on Foot, pp. 205 - 226,



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