IxD&A is looking for ...

authors that:

- will present research on, development and use of technologies able to induce a fruitful encounter between disciplines, to the benefit of the centrality of the experiences and of the expectations of individuals;

- starting from the current state of the art, are able to imagine a realistic future that should be applicable in real contexts;

by proposing:

- full papers
- short papers
- position papers

- interviews and reviews

- extended essays (books)


Conventions of Scientific Authorship

IxD&A strongly reccomend to follow the standard convention for sciencetific authorship, see for example this link.

In order to combat gift or honorary autorship, authors have to describe their contributions to the article, prior to acceptance.


• IXD&A adopts a continuous submission process.
The papers (full, short, position) will be published immediately after their acceptance. In the following months they become part of a volume, at the end of each quarter: March, June, October and December.

Full, short, position papers and extended essay will be peer reviewed.
Interviews and reviews will be light reviewed by the editorial board.

IxD&A is an open access journal that implements the Gold Open Access (OA) road to its contents (full, short, position papers, interviews and reviews) with no charge to the authors.
Extended essay will be published in the 'Living lab' series that does not implement the Giold OA.

IxD&A will consider also proposal of Special Issues.

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