Mini is beautiful

Oswald Devisch, Katharina Gugerell, Jeremiah Diephuis, Teodora Constantinescu, Cristina Ampatzidou, Martina Jauschneg

pp. 141 - 157, download





Spatial planning projects can be conceived as processes of collective learning. Planners have been looking at games and playful approaches to support these processes. Considering that planning projects are long and complex, we propose to not reason for single, full-fledged and all-encompassing games, but instead work with strings of, so-called, serious mini-games that each addresses a specific learning goal, guided by a collective learning model. This paper conceptualizes a toolbox to support the development and contextualization of such strings of serious mini-games.


Keywords: Serious Games, Collective Learning, Mini Games, Sustainability Transitions, Urban Governance, Spatial Planning


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