Katrien Dreessen

is a researcher at the Social Spaces research group (research unit ‘Inter-Actions’, LUCA, school of arts/KULeuven) and teacher at LUCA, School of Arts in Genk. She graduated from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels with a master in communication sciences. As coordinator of FabLab Genk, she is very much interested in the wider role of these digital fabrication spaces in society. Research-wise, she has been involved in several international and national projects that are situated on the intersection of design research, healthcare and maker culture. Currently, she is finishing her PhD research on how long-term participation of non-expert users in open spaces (i.e. Fablab and Living Labs) can be stimulated and achieved.



last update: October 2019

Articles published on IXD&A: 


• Children’s roles in Participatory Design processes: making the role of process designer ‘work’, N. 41, pp. 87 - 108,  abstractdownload


• From Hacking Things to Making Things. Rethinking making by supporting non-expert users in a FabLab, N. 30, pp. 47 - 64, abstractdownload