Michaela R. Reisinger


Scientist at AIT, studied physical anthropology at the University of Vienna with a focus on human ethology and osteology. She has previously worked on stress-measurement, socio-economic status and social engineering vulnerabilities in company environments, gaining experience in national and international research projects. Currently, Michaela is researching user experience in the context of smart cities, intelligibility and control in smart home situations. Her other projects investigate and the dynamics of artifact interaction, technology development and technology use in value-centred and/or emotional spaces (e.g. the home, cybersecurity, fandom) and how they connect to identity and its negotiation (e.g. gender, individual values, situative role).



Last update: September 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


• Home Smart Home: Approachable Interfaces for Intelligibility, Modification, and End-User Programming, N. 45, pp. 226 - 245, abstractdownload