Resources and Opportunities for Agency in PLE-Related Pedagogical Designs

Linda Castañeda, Gemma Tur

pp.  50 - 68, download






Personal Learning Environments as a learning approach are strongly connected to idea of the development of the conditions and resources for fostering the learners' enacting of agency. In this study, some PLE-related pedagogical designs have been analysed in light of how they implement resources and opportunities for students to practise/enact their individual, relational, and contextual agency. The final sample includes the most cited PLE-related pedagogical experiences in the last decade in which the PLE concept is explicitly mentioned. Conclusions remark on the importance of going further in the implementation of more relational resources, as well as the contextual opportunities that give students more open choices to help them to develop a deeper sense of agency and enact it as a way for managing and enriching their PLE. 



Keywords: personal learning environments, agency, learning activity, learning design; pedagogical experiences.

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