The E-assessment burger: Supporting the Before and After in E-Assessment Systems

Anne Adams and Gill Clough

pp. 39 - 57, download


This paper describes a threshold concept-driven e-assessment system that supports teachers in writing effective formative multiple-choice questions, creating quizzes tailored to students’ learning pathways. The system, which has been co-designed with teachers, acts as the ‘bun’ on either side of an ‘e-assessment burger’ pedagogically scaffolding quiz creation (the top of the bun), integrating the quiz within personalized learning trajectories (the burger) and feeding the results back to the learners and teachers to guide the direction of future learning pathways (the bottom of the bun). The evaluation with 26 students in 3 subjects across two schools identified that supporting the before and after e-assessment empowers a shift in teachers’ encouragement for student ownership of assessment, guiding their learning pathways. Teachers also provide insights into how the system scaffolding and visualisations inspired changes to sequencing learning and teaching practices. In conclusion the changing role of assessment within a school ecosystem is debated.

keywords: Threshold concepts, e-assessment, Learning pathways, Formative assessment, Visualisations, Secondary education, Diagnostic


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