Brain Computer Interface to operate domotic environment

F. Aloise, E. Morabito, A. Riccio, M. Risetti, D. Mattia, M. Mecella, T. Catarci, F. Babiloni, S. Salinari, F. Cincotti
pp. 125-126 - download


connection between brain and computer without any muscular activity required, and thus it offers a unique opportunity to enhance and/or to restore communication and actions into external word in people with severe motor disability. Here we present a set of findings that confirm the feasibility of a real domotic environmental control operated via P300-based BCI. Furthermore, the relevant issue of a low bit rate of command execution is addressed by the implementation of a dynamical BCI interface whose upgrade is based on a continuous real- time collection of information from the environment.

keywords: Brain Computer Interface, Domotic appliance, Assistive Technology


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