Jean Daniel Fekete

Jean Daniel Fekete
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Information Visualization (InfoVis) is a Research field dedicated to the design and evaluation of visual representations and interactions to explore and understand large data set. Until recently, the focus of InfoVis has been more on the representations and less on the interactions. However, several new interactive techniques have been published in the last years, opening perspectives for HCI practitioners. We describe the work at INRIA Saclay – Ile-de- France, linking traditional HCI interaction research with InfoVis interaction research. We present our latest techniques for navigating large information spaces: OrthoZoom for one dimensional (1D), Mélange for 2D, ScatterDice for high- dimensional spaces, ControlTree for large trees and Topology- aware navigation for networks. We outline their applicability in HCI problems that are not traditionally viewed as InfoVis in the hope that they will be experimented and adopted in standard interfaces and, more importantly, to emphasize the fact that interaction design for large information spaces is required for our complex user interfaces.

keywords: Interaction techniques, information visualization, navigation


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