The On-TIME User Interface

T. Catarci, R. Giuliano, M. Piva, A. Poggi, F. Terella, E. Tracanna
pp. 113-116 - download


This demonstration concerns the visual user interface of the On-TIME system, a task-centered information management system, whose aim is to actively participate to and support the user tasks. The design of a user friendly interface is one of the key challenges that needs to be addressed for the success of On-TIME. Being On-TIME based on the use of a so-called Personal Ontology to provide a semantic account to user’s personal data, the interface has to allow the user to easily browse the ontology. On the other hand, it has to address the management of tasks. This requires to both suggest tasks that the user might be willing to perform, and to support her while executing tasks. We present a typical user scenario in order to illustrate a possible interaction with the On-TIME interface, and discuss some preliminary user evaluation.

keywords: Personal Information Management, Task Management, Ontologies


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