Cuizz – In-Class Probing of Learning Bits

Chantal Intrator, Filipe M. P. Napolitano, Simone D. J. Barbosa
pp. 135-143 - download


This paper addresses the use of technology in the classroom, more specifically of pen-based devices such as Tablet PCs. It describes Cuizz, a Classroom Presenter plug-in that facilitates the teachers’ immediate assessment, during class, of the students’ learning. Cuizz allows the teacher to change the course of their class based on a quick, activity-based evaluation of the students’ learning of a certain piece of class material. It provides the additional benefit of helping to create a repository of questions, answers, and explanations about the class material that can be reused across classes and class periods. The selection of assessment questions can be made manually by the teacher or automatically by the system, which then adapts the questions presented to each student based on their previous performance, as an attempt to avoid boredom in more advanced students or lack of interest in students of poor performance.

keywords: rapid learning assessment, adaptive assessment, active learning


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