Co-Design of an Orchestration Tool: Supporting Engineering Teaching Assistants as they Facilitate Collaborative Learning

LuEttaMae Lawrence, Emma Mercier

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This paper describesa design-based implementation research (DBIR) project, focused on the co-design and implementation of an orchestration tool for teaching assistants (TAs) in required engineering classes. Building on our collaboration with the engineering department, we identified a need for a tool that provides insight into groups to help TAs intervene in real-time. This paper presents two phases of our iterative co-design process. The first phase includes the initial design of the tool from design workshops with TAs. The second phase focuses on a 16-week implementation of the orchestration tool and reports on interviews with TAs to understand how they used the tool. Findings indicate that the impact of the tool varies and that the uptake of the tool differs by TA. Finally, we reflect on the co-design process and discuss future directions for the creation of this technology. 



Keywords:  co-design, orchestration tools, data analytics, collaboration


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