Learning with Educational Robotics through Co-creative Methodologies

Styliani Siouli, Ioanna Dratsiou, Panagiotis E. Antoniou, Panagiotis D. Bamidis

pp. 29 - 46, download






STEM education is crucial in successfully shapingfuture technology driven societies. It is important to engage learners from an early age with STEM in order to facilitate successful entry into relevant careers. Towards that, educational robotics are a proven, effective introduction to overall STEM concepts but also to hands-on skills. Co-creation, a marketing method, tailor made to foster participation and engagement, translated successfully in educational contexts. In this work we present a co-creative robotics curriculum for primary school education and its impact on young learners’ perceptions for STEM careers. Learners co-created educational robotics activities to learn from them. A validated questionnaire for assessing the learners’ perceptions for STEM careers was administered before and after the curriculum. All learners improved their perceptions for STEM careers after the co-creative robotics curriculum. This study initiates a greater endeavor for exploring the impact of co-creative robotics in learning efficacy and STEM careers engagement. 



Keywords:  Lego Mindstorms EV3, STEM education, Programming, Co-creation, problem based learning, STEM careers, Primary Education


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