Experience matters: Bridging the gap between experience- and functionality-driven design in technology-enhanced learning

Björn Rohles, Vincent Koenig, Antoine Fischbach, Franck Amadieu

pp. 11 - 28, download






With the growing importance of digital technologies in learning and assessment, it is important to consider user experience (UX) to ensure that tools provide useful functionalities for learning without overwhelming users, to motivate users and ensure that they have positive learning experiences, and to allow users to realize their potential with the help of technology. Building on a case study of concept mapping for technology-enhanced learning, we combined experience-driven and functionality-driven approaches in co-design sessions in four school classes (67 students). We investigated the anticipated experiences that students imagined as well as the functionalities and characteristics they expected. We found that combining experience-driven and functionality-driven approaches is a valuable method for improving technology-enhanced learning.



Keywords:  Co-Design, Concept Maps, User Experience, Experience-Driven Design


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