Co-creation and co-design in technology-enhanced learning: Innovating science learning outside the classroom

Eva Durall, Merja Bauters, Iida Hietala, Teemu Leinonen, Evangelos Kapros 

pp. 202 - 226, download





Innovationin technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is a complex process that requires the active involvement of diverse actors. This paper elaborates on two design innovation approaches that call for the active involvement of stakeholders: co-creation and co-design. While co-creation and co-design are well aligned, they are rooted in different traditions. We argue that co-creation and co-design can contribute to TEL innovation, and we present a design research case based on a research and innovation project that uses co-creation and co-design to innovate in science learning outside the classroom. Based on a qualitative analysis of the project co-creation and co-design outputs, we elaborate on the key differences between co-creation and co-design and highlight the main implications these differences have for TEL innovation.



Keywords:  TEL innovation, co-creation, co-design, science learning


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