Inquiry when doing research and design: wearing two hats

Guri Verne, Tone Bratteteig 

pp. 89 - 106, download






Based on different kinds of research, the paper suggests a conceptual framework for characterising, planning, evaluating and reporting the knowledge produced when doing research and design of digital technologies. Methods for data collection in research and design seems very similar, but lead to different results. We characterise the research based on the three paradigms positivist, interpretive and critical. We suggest simple questions that will be helpful for reflecting on the possible underlying philosophical assumptions and methodologies. We ask 1) who owns the problem, 2) whose meaning is represented, and 3) who delineates the fieldwork as a way to characterise research paradigms and methodologies. These questions help in addressing similarities and differences in research methodologies and what kind of knowledge is produced. We discuss how this conceptual framework allows for clarity and flexibility in research design. 


Keywords:  Design research, digital design, research paradigms, research methodologies, research methods, design methods. 


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