Pablo Sánchez Chillón


Lawyer, Political Scientist, Innovative Urban Planner and Researcher, is amongst the pioneers of the Smart Cities paradigm in Spain and Latin America. Regular guest lecturer and conference speaker at international forums on urban matters, he is co-founder and CEO of Eolexcitylab, a Consultancy team of urban innovators in Spain, helping Public Governments and private players to conform and deploy smart city projects and disruptive urban solutions based on ‘Cityzentrism’ and the role of ‘Digizens’ (brand new Digital Citizens).
He is the Editor of the influential blog about innovation in cities Urban 360º and invited Lecturer at the Master of Advanced Methods and Tools for Sustainable Planning” of the Università degli Studi di Sassari and the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) – China.
Mr. Sánchez Chillón studied Law & Political Science in Madrid (ICADE) & Rome (Luiss Guido Carli) and has an Executive Degree Program in Public Administration and Urban Planning (FUNDESEM Business School).


last update: march 2013