Franck Amadieu


is a professor in cognitive psychology and ergonomics at the Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurés, France. His research focuses on cognitive processes and demands of new technologies for learning. It examines the effects of hypertexts, animations, and concept mapping on learning with computers and the learners's cognitive resources by the prior domain knowledge. The learners' activities like readings behaviors, navigation in hypertexts, building a concept map, or eye movements are analyzed to tap the processes underpinning learning from electronic devices and the linked cognitive load as well. In addition, the research of Franck Amadieu deals with ergonomics issues of Human Computers Interaction in the airplane piloting domain. This work contributes to ergonomics recommendations to improve devices and documents for learning and information seeking.


last update: November 2019



Articles published on IXD&A:


Experience matters: Bridging the gap between experience- and functionality-driven design in technology-enhanced learning, N.42, 2019, pp. 11 - 28,  abstractdownload