Permanand Mohan

is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Computing and Information Technology at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago, where he has been teaching full-time for more than 15 years. He was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar to the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh and a Visiting Professor to the Department of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. He presently supervises several postgraduate students in the areas of e-learning, creativity assessment and creative learning pedagogies, mobile health, mobile learning, games for learning and contextualization of culture in e-learning. s.



Last update: February 2015

Articles published on IXD&A:


'A TEL System for Teaching and Supporting Creativity in Tertiary Students: Incorporating the Views of Experts', N. 23, 2015, pp. 9-23, abstractdownload