Nela Murauer


is a mechanical engineer who studied at the Technical University Munich. Since 2013 she has been working for the BMW Group in different departments, such as Quality Management, Assembly Planning and Lean Management. From 2016 till 2018 she worked as PhD student for the BMW Group in the innovations-team of the logistics planning focusing on user-centered aspects of a full-shift usage of smart glasses in order picking. After finishing the PhD thesis, which was supervised by TU Berlin, Nela Murauer works in logistics department of the BMW Plant Munich and is still responsible for smart glasses in logistics for the whole BMW Group.


last update: July 2019


Articles published on IXD&A: 

'A full shift field study to evaluate user- and process-oriented aspects of smart glasses in automotive order picking processes', N. 38, 2018, pp. 64 - 82, abstractdownload