José Manuel Sáez-López


is Professor in the Faculty of Education, at the National Distance Education University (Spain). [ORCID:]. HExpert in Educational Models and Educational Technology. His scientific and academic work has been published in 51 peer-reviewed journals, of which 25 investigations have been published in impact journals: 8 JCR-Q1, 1 JCR-Q4 and 16 Scopus (Q1=1, Q2= 9, Q3= 3, Q4= 2). In 20 of these impact studies he is the main author. His lines of research are the integration of educational technology in learning processes, didactics, coding at school, gamification, virtual learning environments, the educational use of interactive videoconferences, and methodological strategies. He was a primary school teacher for 17 years (2001-2017), with various specialties and part of the management team for 8 years (head of studies and director). 


last update: November 2022



Articles published on IXD&A:


• 'Gamification and gaming proposals, teachers’ perceptions and practices in Primary Education', pp. 213 - 229,  abstractdownload