Donatella Persico


is research director at CNR-ITD. She has been active in the field of educational technology since 1981. Her major research interests include learning design, e-learning, self-regulated learning, teacher training, game-based learning and learning analytics. She was research fellow at Bradford and Exeter university, UK, Glasgow Caledonian Academy, UK, and at the Universidade de Santiago e Compostela, Spain. She has been involved in several teacher training programmes as a lecturer in educational technology. She is author of educational material and scientific publications of various kinds, including books, educational software, multimedia material and research papers concerning various aspects of educational technology. She is editor of the Italian Journal of Educational Technology and sits on the editorial board of international and national journals, on the PhD board in Philosophy and Educational Sciences of the Ca’ Foscari university of Venice and has a long standing experience in the management of national and international projects. 



Last update: May 2020


Articles published on IXD&A:


• The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Italian Learning Ecosystems: the School Teachers’ Perspective at the steady state, N. 45, pp. 226 - 245, abstractdownload


• Co-creation in the Design of Technology Enhanced Learning: Teachers’ Beliefs versus Practices, N. 44, pp. 96 - 108, abstractdownload


• Gamifying teacher professional development: an experience with collaborative learning design, N.29, 2016, pp. 76 - 92, abstractdownload