Diana Saplacan


received a Diploma in Computer Science from Kristianstad University, Sweden, in 2013, where she worked as a Lecturer in Computer Science between 2013-2016. She is currently a PhD Candidate in the Design of Information Systems Research Group at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. Her current research focus is on Universal Design (UD), specifically designing for situated abilities, rather than having the focus on disabilities. Her latest research focuses on understanding everyday interaction and use of domestic robots and of Digital Learning Environments in Higher Education. Her research interests span across Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Robot Interaction, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work, and Universal Design.


last update: February 2020

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Use of Multiple Digital Learning Environments: A study About Fragmented Information Awareness, N. 43, 2019, pp. 86 - 109,  abstractdownload