Carmen Llorente-Cejudo


Doctor in Educational Sciences and Lecturer in the Department of Didactics and Educational Organization of the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Seville. Director of the Department of Didactics and School Organization and Member of the Didactics Research Group: Technological and Qualitative Analysis of Teaching-Learning Processes, University of Seville. She has participated in several research projects on the competences and skills of students in ICT, as well as on the training of university teachers in methodological strategies for the incorporation of online learning in the European Higher Education Area, or Augmented Reality for university teaching, among others. She is the author of several works related to e-learning, such as: Blended Learning. Design of actions for learning, University Teaching and Web 2.0 Technologies. Renovation and innovation in the European Space, or Blended Learning through telematic networks. She has also participated as a speaker at national and international conferences related to the field of Education and Information and Communication Technologies at different educational levels. 


last update: November 2022



Articles published on IXD&A:


• 'Learning landscapes and educational Breakout for the development of digital skills of teachers in training', pp. 176 - 190,  abstractdownload