N. 52, Spring 2022





Table of Contents

Special issue on:

Beyond the Pandemics & Wars: SLERD Reload




Mihai Dascalu, Tania Di Mascio, Oscar Mealha

p. 5, download



Duarte Luis Sousa, Pedro Filipe Campos, Vanessa Cesário

Design Implications for Interactive and Analogue Technologies supporting Distance Education: A Longitudinal Mixed-Method Study during the Pandemic, pp. 6 - 22,  abstractdownload




Carlo Giovannella 

Between Awareness and Acceptance: a more mature School Teachers’ Perspective on Integrated Learning one year after the pandemic outbreak, pp.  23 - 43, abstractdownload




Saul Delabrida 

Hybrid Project-Based Learning course approach from face-to-face and remote experiences, pp. 44 - 60, abstractdownload




Cèlia Llurba, Gabriela Fretes, Ramon Palau

Pilot study of real-time Emotional Recognition technology for Secondary school students, pp. 61 - 80,  abstractdownload




Erkki Rötkönen, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Naska Goagoses, Tariq Zaman, Helvi Itenge, Daniel Yong Wen Tan, Erkki Sutinen

Creating Smart Connected Learning Ecosystems: A Hybrid Model for Design-Based Learning, pp. 81 - 100, abstractdownload




Laurentiu-Marian Neagu, Eric Rigaud, Vincent Guarnieri, Emanuel Ioan Radu, Sébastien Travadel, Mihai Dascalu, Razvan Rughinis

OntoStrength: An Ontology for Psychomotor Strength Development, pp. 101 - 118,  abstractdownload




Ingrid Mulder, Alberto Magni 

A collaborative learning infrastructure to build capacity for urban transformations, pp. 119 - 140,  abstractdownload




Focus section on:

Educational Location-based Applications 




Jannicke Baalsrud Hauge, Esteban W. G. Clua, Jimmy Jaldemark, Heinrich Söbke

p. 141 - 143, download



Yasaman Nekoui, Eduardo Roig

Children and the Mediated City. Place Attachment Development Using Augmented Reality in Urban Spaces, pp. 144 - 157,  abstractdownload




Pedro Silveira, Davidson Cury, Crediné Silva de Menezes

A framework for designing applications to support knowledge construction on learning ecosystems, pp. 158 - 178,  abstractdownload




Diego Ricca, Bianca Lupo, Jairo Diniz, Leonardo Veras, Clice Mazzilli

Attention, stimulus and Augmented Reality for urban daily-life education in a social peripheral setting: the Streets that tell stories AR app, pp. 179 - 197,  abstractdownload




James Raber, Richard E. Ferdig, Enrico Gandolfi, Robert Clements

An analysis of motivation and situational interest in a location-based augmented reality application, pp. 198 - 220,  abstractdownload




Regular papers


Eva Eriksson, Anne Linda Kok, Wolmet Barendregt, Camilla Gyldendahl JensenElisabet M. Nilsson 

Teaching for Values in Interaction Design: A Discussion About Assessment, pp. 221 - 233,  abstractdownload




Oguz Orkun Doma, Sinan Mert Sener

Dreamscape Bricks VR: An Experimental Virtual Reality Tool for Architectural Design, pp. 234 - 258,  abstractdownload




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