N. 50, Autumn 2021





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Focus section on:

Design during and for Pandemics




Vasiliki Mylonopoulou, Guido Giunti

p. 5 - 6, download




Wies van Nifterik, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Jeroen van Erp

Remote contextmapping and prototyping during lockdown, a study case, pp. 7 - 26,  abstractdownload




Katerina Cerna, Richard Paluch, Fabian Bäumer, Tanja Ertl, Claudia Muller

Transformation of HCI co-research with older adults - researchers’ positionality in the COVID-19 pandemic times, pp.  27 - 47, abstractdownload




Pedro Filipe Campos

HCI Design and Evaluation during Social Confinement: Reflections and Techniques, pp. 48 - 57, abstractdownload



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Focus section on:

Decoding The Smart City 




Teija Vainio, Elise Hodson, Michel Nader Sayún, Ralf-Martin Soe

p. 59 - 62, download




Eirene Keh, Madalynne LawrenceRosanne Sauz, Nastaran Dadashi, Nazanin Homayounfar

The Ethical Smart City Framework & Toolkit: An Inclusive Application of Human-Centered Design and Public Engagement in Smart City Development, pp. 63 - 81,  abstractdownload




Nils Ehrenberg, Turkka Keinonen

Co-Living as a Rental Home Experience. Smart Home Technologies and Autonomy, pp. 82 - 101, abstractdownload




Martin Tomitsch, Joel Fredericks, Dan Vo, Jessica Frawley, Marcus Foth

Non-human Personas. Including Nature in the Participatory Design of Smart Cities, pp. 102 - 130,  abstractdownload



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