N. 45, Summer 2020




Table of Contents

Special issue on:

Designing for ownership in technology-enhanced learning (TEL): a core element for learners’ SRL and agency




Ilona Buchem, Gemma Tur, Jesus Salinas

pp. 5 - 14, download



Victoria I. Marín, Bárbara de Benito, Antònia Darder

Technology-Enhanced Learning for Student Agency in Higher Education: a Systematic Literature Review, pp. 15 - 49,  abstractdownload




Linda Castañeda, Gemma Tur

Resources and Opportunities for Agency in PLE-Related Pedagogical Designs, pp.  50 - 68, abstractdownload




Virginia Rodés-Paragarino, Adriana Gewerc-Barujel

Ownership and Agency in the adoption of Open Educational Resources, pp. 69 - 86, abstractdownload




Elena Barberà, Iolanda Garcia, Marcelo Fabián Maina

Fostering psychological ownership in MOOC through a self-regulation design layer, pp. 87 - 111,  abstractdownload




Ilona Buchem, Gemma Tur, Tobias Hoelterhof

The role of learner control and psychological ownership for self-regulated learning in technology-enhanced learning designs, pp. 112 - 132,  abstractdownload




Eva Durall, Marjo Virnes, Teemu Leinonen, Begoña Gros

Ownership of learning in monitoring technology, pp. 133 - 154,  abstractdownload




Kamakshi Rajagopal, Rani Van Schoors, Stefanie Vanbecelaere, Lien de Bie, Fien Depaepe

Designing personalised learning support for K12 education, pp. 155 - 176,  abstractdownload





focus section on

End-user development challenges for creative computing




Juan Manuel Dodero, Hongji Yang, Antonio Balderas

pp. 177 - 179, download



Peter Kun, Ingrid Mulder, Gerd Kortuem

Developing a Design Inquiry Method for Data Exploration, pp. 180 - 206,  abstractdownload




Nurfarahani Norman Anuar, Mohd Kamal Othman

Integrating User-Centered Design with the Agile Software Development Methodology for a Cultural Heritage Information System, pp. 207 - 225,  abstractdownload




Michaela R. Reisinger, Johann Schrammel, Stefan Suette, Peter Fröhlich

Home Smart Home: Approachable Interfaces for Intelligibility, Modification, and End-User Programming, pp. 226 - 245,  abstractdownload




Iván Ruiz-Rube, Rubén Baena-Pérez, José Miguel Mota, Inmaculada Arnedillo-Sánchez

Model-driven development of augmented reality-based editors for domain specific languages, pp. 246 - 263,  abstractdownload





Regular papers


Carlo Giovannella, Marcello Passarelli, Donatella Persico

The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Italian Learning Ecosystems: the School Teachers’ Perspective at the steady state, pp. 264 - 286,  abstractdownload




Sara Eloy, Flávio Serpa

How non-designers understand the architecture design project: a comparative study using immersive virtual reality, pp. 287 - 301,  abstractdownload




Alice Barana, Marina Marchisio

An interactive learning environment to empower engagement in Mathematics, pp. 302 - 321,  abstractdownload




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