Pedagogical Usage of Digital Technologies in an Indigenous Village in Brazil: Reflections and Challenges

Rhuan Guilherme T. Ribeiro, Márcia Regina Kaminski, Marcos Lübeck, Clodis Boscarioli

pp. 50 - 61, download






This paper presents reflections on the pedagogical use of digital technologies in the Teko Ñemoingo Indigenous State College from Guarani Tekoha Ocoy village, in the western state of Paraná, Brazil, and describes possibilities and challenges for the presence of these technologies in this community. This research is based on the indigenous educational organization, whose objective is to strengthen its traditional knowledge and practices, according to cultural, religious, educational and social aspects, and intends to identify the indigenous subjects as part of a society that uses technologies in its daily life and connect to a system that goes in and extends beyond the borders of villages, namely cyberculture. We noted that the technologies collaborate with the preservation and cultural dissemination and the appropriation of indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge, and instigate an increasingly multicultural education, as well as evidences requirements that such technologies should have to be more effective to this public.



Keywords:  Indigenous Edcuation. ICT. Digital Divide. Guarani Indian People.


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