A Framework for Competence based e-Assessment

Mounira Ilahi-Amri , Lilia Cheniti-Belcadhi, Rafik Braham 

pp. 189 - 204, download



In recognition of changes to the typical patterns of working life, Higher Education in overall the world is currently laying great stress on Competence-based learning. Nevertheless, while lifelong learning is increasingly influencing university and workplace in overall the world, some critical issues still have to be worked out so as to reach its full potential. Since, it appears to address the assessment expectations of these competences. This concern has not been sufficiently investigated and only a minority provided some efforts to grant the fundamental models to assess Learners based on the standard required competences. Thus, we propose in this work our semantic model for competence-based assessment to support the formal and informal learning competences visibility. As well, we provide a high level sub-models architecture. This framework is carried out through the use of Web Services. The experimentation results support our research goals. 


Keywords: Competence, Formal Model, Lifelong Learning, Competence Web- Based Assessment, Non formal and informal competence-based learning, Web services.


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