N.29, Summer 2016



Table of Contents



Focus section on: 'Player and Learner eXperience'



by Rosella Gennari, Monica Divitini, Gabriella Dodero

pp. 3 - 5, download



Alessandra Talamo, Annamaria Recupero, Barbara Mellini, Stefano Ventura

Teachers as designers of GBL scenarios: fostering creativity in the educational settings, pp.  10 - 23,




Cathy Tran, Ole Smørdal, AnneMarie Conley

The Interaction between Design Features and Learners’ Goals: A Case Study of a Science Museum Game, pp. 24 - 51,



Charlotte Lærke Weitze

Designing for Learning and Play - The Smiley Model as a Framework, pp. 52 - 75,




F. Pozzi, D. Persico, C. Collazos, F. Dagnino, J. L. Jurado

Gamifying teacher professional development: an experience with collaborative learning design, pp. 76 - 92,





Focus Section on 'Experiences of Technology Appropriation: Unanticipated Users, Usage, Circumstances, and Design'




by Alina Krischkowsky, Nervo Verdezoto, Manfred Tscheligi, Michael Muller

pp. 95 - 98, download



Jan Derboven, David Geerts, and Dirk De Grooff

The Tactics of Everyday Practice: A Semiotic Approach to Appropriation, pp. 99 - 120,




Elisabeth T. Kersten - van Dijk, and Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn

Design Beyond the Numbers: Sharing, Comparing, Storytelling and the Need for a Quantified Us, pp. 121 - 135, 




Leena Ventä-Olkkonen, Netta Iivari, Arto Lanamäki, Marko Jurmu, Hannu Kukka, and Kari Kuutti

People lining up to use a cool new gadget in the city? Surprise and variety in technology appropriation of multipurpose public displays, pp.  136 - 158,





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