Designing Serious Games for getting transferable skills in training settings

Félix Buendía-García, Sol García-Martínez, Eva M. Navarrete-Ibañez, M. Jesús Cervelló-Donderis
pp. 47-62, download



Nowadays, serious games are present in almost every educational context. The current work deals with the design of serious games oriented towards getting transferable skills in different kinds of training settings. These games can be a valuable way of engaging citizens and workers in the learning process by means of metaphors or similar mechanisms close to their user experience. They also contain an encouragement factor to uptake generic job competencies. An approach is proposed to develop this type of game by mixing traditional design steps with an instructional strategy to provide structured learning bites in training settings. Several game prototypes have been developed to test this approach in the context of courses for public employees. The obtained outcomes reveal the wider possibilities of serious games as educational resources, as well as the use of game achievements to evaluate the acquisition of transferable skills.

keywords: Serious games, Training settings, Instructional design, Game design approach

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