A New European distance training environment delivering VET services: In.Tra.Net system

Maria Riccio, Chiara Sancin, Barbara Caruso
pp. 91-92 - download


This contribution' main goal is to describe an innovative learning system and approach aimed to support professional training in using complex and last generation electric apparatus through distance laboratory reproducing real conditions and technical instruments The paper describes a comprehensive solution based on a distance learning environment to distribute theoretical and practical learning activities to control and manage remote real instrumentations via Internet and web solutions. This specific solution derives from the project IN.TRA.NET (Innovation Transfer Network), a Leonardo da Vinci’ transfer of innovation project funded under the 2008 call of Life Long Learning. The paper briefly presents the general framework for distance experimental learning environments, IN.TRA.NET' goals and features and the first project' evidences arising from preliminary need analysis.

keywords: Elearning, VET System, remote control, lifelong learning


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