Handheld-Mode Interface for the OLPC XO Laptops

Ugo Biader Ceipidor, Carlo Maria Medaglia, Eliseo Sciarretta
pp. 49-52 - download


In this paper we describe a new toolbar for the validation of website accessibility. This issue concerns the right of all citizens to obtain and maintain access to a society-wide pool of information resources and interpersonal communication facilities.
At first we speak about the needs of impaired users for a profitable Web navigation. In the second section the focus is on the Italian “Stanca Act”, which defines the primary environment of the project; then we explain the toolbar most valued features: the ease of use of its interface and the precision of responses gathered. Finally we show our interface prototype with its major options and, in the last section, we picture the further development.

keywords: Measurement, Performance, Design, Reliability, Verification


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