N. 42, Autumn 2019




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Special issue on:

Co-Creation in the Design, Development and Implementation of Technology-Enhanced Learning




by Tamsin Treasure-Jones, Sebastian Dennerlein, Panagiotis Antoniou, István Koren

pp. 5 - 10, download



Björn Rohles, Vincent Koenig, Antoine Fischbach, Franck Amadieu

Experience matters: Bridging the gap between experience- and functionality-driven design in technology-enhanced learning, pp. 11 - 28,  abstractdownload




Styliani Siouli, Ioanna Dratsiou, Panagiotis E. Antoniou, Panagiotis D. Bamidis

Learning with Educational Robotics through Co-creative Methodologies, pp.  29 - 46, abstractdownload




Eva Mårell-Olsson

University Students as Co-creators in Designing Gamification Teaching Activities using Emergent Technologies in Swedish K-12 Education, pp. 47 - 69, abstractdownload




Naemi Luckner, Peter Purgathofer, Geraldine Fitzpatrick

Involving Students in the Co-Creation of a Complex, Evolving Learning Environment, pp. 70 - 92,  abstractdownload




Bernhard Göschlberger, Christoph Brandstetter, Fabian Dopler

Co-Creation of Micro-Content Types, pp. 93 - 110,  abstractdownload




LuEttaMae Lawrence, Emma Mercier

Co-Design of an Orchestration Tool: Supporting Engineering Teaching Assistants as they Facilitate Collaborative Learning, pp. 111 - 130,  abstractdownload




Janika Leoste, Kairit Tammets and Tobias Ley

Co-Creating Learning Designs in Professional Teacher Education: Knowledge Appropriation in the Teacher's Innovation Laboratory, pp. 131 - 163,  abstractdownload




Laia Albó and Davinia Hernández-Leo

Co-creating a web-based visual representation model for authoring blended learning designs, pp. 164 - 182,  abstractdownload




Delcy Carolina Bonilla Oliva, István Koren, Ralf Klamma

Infrastructuring for Crowdsourced Co-Design, pp. 183 - 201,  abstractdownload




Eva Durall, Merja Bauters, Iida Hietala, Teemu Leinonen, Evangelos Kapros

Co-creation and co-design in technology-enhanced learning: Innovating science learning outside the classroom, pp. 202 - 226,  abstractdownload




Errata-Corrige: Laia Albó and Davinia Hernández-Leo, Co-creating a web-based visual representation model for authoring blended learning designs - Appendix pp. 227 - 231, download



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