Designing Interactive Systems for Discovering and Learning

Oscar Tomico, Bart Hengevelt
pp. 56-63, download


Advances in technology have opened up new opportunities for intelligent systems that support learning. Most prominently, we can now move towards contextualized learning by embedding intelligence in our everyday artifacts and environments. However, these new opportunities cannot just be ‘old wine in new bottles’; we, designers, are forced to reconsider our design space. In this position paper we present our approach to this reconsideration. The presented projects vary from professional to leisure applications, are situated in different contexts from the public library to the home environment, are aimed at supporting either individual development or group work, and facilitate a range of learning activities. In this paper we present and discuss the results of an expert panel review of bachelor, master and Ph.D. projects, set up to: (1) analyze whether current learning strategies still apply to novel technologies; (2) if so, which ones, and (3) whether new learning strategies have emerged.

keywords: Interaction design, interactive systems, re-contextualitzation.


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