Experiencing Personal Learning Environments and Networks using a 3D Space Metaphor

Francesco di Cerbo, Gabriella Dodero, Laura Papaleo
pp. 64-76 - download


The paper describes our proposal for adopting 3D spatial representation, based on suitable indications and metrics, for the evaluation of experiences conducted in a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) and its social extension, the Personal Learning Network (PLN).
The use of 3D space is a mean for integrating different perspectives (e.g., structured and non-structured learning) but also to foster the cooperation between users. Moreover, information coming from the use of 3D space can represent a precious feedback for better understanding ongoing learning activities, but it will be extremely useful for enhancing and improving the development of existing PLE-PLN support tool.

keywords: Personal Learning Environment, Learning Process Indicators, Cooperative Learning, Web 3D technologies, 3D representations, Semantic tagging, Virtual reality.


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