Educational Experiences and Experience Styles

Carlo Giovannella, Andrea Camusi, Chiara Spadavecchia
pp. 104-116 - download


The on-going revival of educational processes as experiences leads to a complex reflection on the characteristics that can make such processes more meaningful, especially on a personal level. In this article we propose a cultural framework that, starting from the definition of a set of general features characterizing the 'experience', allows to correlate universalities of the adopted model of process - in our case the 'organic process' - with the characteristics of individuals, including the preferences about the mode of interaction. This framework allows to go beyond the concept of learning styles and to introduce a more comprehensive set of styles - the experience styles - starting from which, once the appropriate indicators have been identified, one can perform a more comprehensive and precise monitoring of the educational experience, and more in general of all experiences.

keywords: learning styles, experience styles, DULP, TEL


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