Pluig 'n Train - A Component Based Approach

Alke Martens, Dennis Maciuszek, Géraldine Ruddeck, Martina Weicht
pp. 22-36 - download


Technology enhanced learning can look back on a comparably long tradition. Surprisingly, the software systems in this field are seldom constructed based on state-of-the art insights in software engineering. Using basic software engineering techniques involves system descriptions on a formal and abstract level, to use patterns for software development, and to implement the system in a re-usable and adaptable way. Our component based framework JaBInT (Java Based Intelligent Tutoring), which is based on a firm software engineering ground, allows for re-usability, adaptability, and flexibility in system development -- and might thus be a basis for teaching and training software used in ubiquitous learning as well.

keywords: component based design, framework, game-based learning


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